Our People

Our employees are the core of Stepan Company and we understand that the best results are achieved when diverse teams of talented people are empowered to generate solutions. Innovation, teamwork and service are the primary tenets of our culture, and we provide ongoing development and advancement opportunities for our employees

Wojciech M.

Supply Chain Director

"What I like at Stepan and is that I'm proud to be part of this team, the Company has very open and informal working culture, treats all employees with respect, and walks its Values. You can really feel that when we say “safety first” we do mean “ safety first”! The Company invests in people, trusts them, and empowers them to make decisions. We also have a long term vision that provides a sense of purpose and direction for the business."

Emily Z.

R&D Portfolio Manager

"One of the best parts about working for Stepan has really been all the wonderful colleagues – it seems like no one is ever too busy to help or connect me with someone who can. Additionally, throughout my tenure at Stepan the company has really shown that they care about my development by supporting me in various endeavors, which have included leadership and project management training along with the opportunity to actually utilize my training."

Brandon S.

Continuous Improvement Project Leader

"Working at Stepan gives you the opportunity to put your teammates first every day, improving each other’s lives, looking out for the safety of one another, all the while making a product that helps to make the world a better place. The size of the company is just the right size to actually see the impact you’re making as an individual, but also have a network of people that you can reach out to for help."

Rob O.

Director, Global Process Engineering

"At Stepan, we live the People First value every day. While nothing is more important than Safety, our people fuel our success. I have been privileged to work with good companies and people throughout my 30 year career. Nowhere has a company so lived the People First value than with Stepan. This makes coming to work every day special."

Lukasz G.


"I have been working for this company since the beginning of its existence in Poland. I value my workplace the most for the fact that whenever I report my problem, the action is taken instantly to fix the matter. I feel that our managers are always willing to listen to the employees. In addition to pay, the employer offers us a lot of benefits such as medical care and lunch cards as well as an additional holiday subsidy. I am happy to come to work because I know that I am safe here and that I will come back to my family safe and sound. Our company puts our safety at the top of the list."

Akiko Y-G.

Program Manager

"One of the best decisions in my career was that I’ve joined this incredible organization. I've had amazing opportunities to lead high-stake initiatives with brilliant people from 11 countries in just 4 years! Working with thought leaders globally has been motivating and helped me to grow tremendously, both professionally & personally. What I love about Stepan is that it offers unlimited opportunities to develop within an organization that is both challenging and supportive. If you are a passionate learner and love to take on stretch assignments, Stepan will be a perfect organization for you!"