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Maintenance Mechanic


Winder, GA, US, 30680

Stepan Company located in Winder,GA is seeking to fill the psoition of Maintenance Mechanic:



Responsible for all types of maintenance repairs including pipe fitting, welding, electrical, pump repair, building repair, boilers, cooling towers, and all utility systems.  Responsible for all types of preventive and predictive maintenance on all types of equipment using various methods and test equipment.  Must be able to follow both verbal and written instructions.  Must be able to use computerized maintenance management system as well as other plant computer systems.




  1. Must be able to install all types of couplings, chains, sprockets, and belts.
  2. Must be able to lift, carry, push/pull materials, tools, or equipment weighing up to 50 lbs.
  3. Must be capable of climbing ladders or scaffolding systems.
  4. Must be able to work in confined spaces while utilizing appropriate respiratory equipment.
  5. Must be able to climb, balance, stoop, crouch, or crawl to inspect or repair various types of equipment.
  6. Must be able to properly rig using chokers, slings, grab chains, cables, chain hoist, and etc. for lifting in a safe manner.
  7. Must understand and abide by Plant Safety Rules, and Winder Safe Work Practices and Procedures.
  8. Must understand the use, limitation and requirements for Personal Protective Equipment for various chemical exposures.
  9. Must know how to properly de-energize a piece of equipment and perform test / try to insure the energy has been isolated.
  10. Must be able to perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding including welder set-up and material preparation.
  11. Must be able to perform Gas Tungsten Arc Welding including welder set-up and material preparation.
  12. Must be familiar with all hand tools and their proper use.
  13. Be able to measure, cut, thread, and properly make up screwed pipe joints up to 3” in diameter.
  14. Be able to properly support piping.
  15. Be able to install copper and alloy tubing using the proper fittings and tools.
  16. Be able to perform piping repairs including measuring, cutting, threading, and assembly.
  17. Know the different types of pumps, their characteristics, and how to troubleshoot.
  18. Understand packing types and installation.
  19. Be able to troubleshoot, disassemble, inspect, and replace a typical mechanical seal and verify the proper seal installation.
  20. Be able to perform simple layout and fabrication work such as braces, stands, supports, and etc. And welding the same.
  21. Know the different types of bearings.
  22. Be able to perform bearing replacement on equipment using proper removal and assembly techniques.
  23. Know proper care in handling and cleaning bearings.
  24. Have a good knowledge of bearing failure causes.
  25. Be able to maintain valves, traps and condensate pumps associated with the system.
  26. Be able to make minor building repairs such as replacing windows and doors and repairing siding.
  27. Be able to use carpenters tools for minor repair jobs.
  28. Be competent in the use of Lotus Notes.
  29. Be familiar with Word and Excel.
  30. Know the basic types of couplings, chains, sprockets, and belts and their uses.
  31. Be able to use all types of measuring, leveling, and plumbing tools.
  32. Be familiar with precision measuring tools such as micrometers and vernier calipers and be able to take accurate measurements with same.
  33. Be able to locate and repair problems with general plant mechanical equipment.
  34. Be able to interpret basic mechanical and piping drawings/sketches and install equipment per drawings.
  35. Understand the basics of lubrication and its importance, with a working knowledge of oil and grease applications.
  36. Have a working knowledge of suction and discharge heads, causes and cures of cavitation.
  37. Be able to perform routine repairs and rebuilds on centrifugal and positive displacement pumps.
  38. Be able to perform precision alignment using dial indicators or other techniques as required.
  39. Be able to troubleshoot and make basic repairs on all types of mobile equipment used in the Stepan Plant, including, gas, propane and diesel powered vehicles and heavy equipment.
  40. Be able to use an Oxygen-Acetylene cutting torch.
  41. Understand and be able to troubleshoot, repair and install motor control equipment i.e. starters, relays, interlocks on 120 - 480 volt equipment.
  42. Be able to read simple electrical prints.
  43. Be able to trouble shoot lighting circuits.
  44. Be familiar with the basics and theory of AC and DC electricity.
  45. Have a basic understanding of the operation and controls on air compressors including air dryers.
  46. Be able to perform basic troubleshooting and minor repairs on air compressors.
  47. Have a basic understanding of steam boiler fireside controls, safety, and fuel consumption.
  48. Have a basic understanding of steam boiler waterside controls, water quality control, testing, and record keeping.
  49. Have a basic understanding of boiler feed water systems.
  50. Be able to perform basic troubleshooting and minor repairs on steam boilers.
  51. Have a basic understanding of the operation and controls on cooling towers.
  52. Be able to perform non-routine maintenance and adjustments on rotating equipment utilizing appropriate manufacturers maintenance manuals from equipment files.
  53. Have a working knowledge of pneumatic and electronic instruments but not to the extent of being a fully qualified repairperson.
  54. Be able to trouble shoot minor instrument problems.
  55. Have a basic understanding of the basics of the complete plant air system.
  56. Have a basic understanding of the plant steam supply and condensate system.
  57. Have a basic understanding of the operation and controls of chillers.
  58. Have a basic understanding of the water treatment and testing for chillers.
  59. Be able to maintain equipment records by updating and entering work orders in the CMMS.
  60. Understand the importance of properly documenting preventive maintenance inspections and task checklists.
  61. Be able to locate information on the various computer servers.
  62. Have a basic understanding of the water treatment, testing, and record keeping for cooling towers.
  63. Be able to locate repair manuals and equipment information for specific plant equipment utilizing Maintain and equipment files.
  64. Demonstrate through job performance that he or she is capable in the areas of Mechanical Integrity  and can perform visual inspection and thickness inspections on Stepan process equipment.
  65. Complete the Stepan SQE program.
  66. Actively participate in the Maintenance Work Group.
  67. Complete general ISO Training.
  68. Understand the System Procedures and Work Instructions used by Maintenance and know where they are located for review if required.



Due to the nature of potential equipment and facilities related breakdowns, fluctuations of products and manufacturing schedules and the urgency of new equipment installations, the Maintenance Mechanic's working hours must be flexible and the individual must be available for scheduled overtime, and, at times, emergency overtime.  Breaks and lunch times must also be flexible depending on emergency or high priority projects and assignments.






  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 1-2 years technical school or equivalent.
  • Experience of 3-5 years in maintenance environment.
  • Ability to read and follow detailed instructions.
  • Ability to organize and prioritize a variety of maintenance tasks.
  • Thorough knowledge of power and hand tools, equipment and aptitude for understanding mechanical systems with some formal training or education.




  • Constant Standing – 67%-100% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Frequent Bending – 34-66% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Occasional Pushing/Pulling – 1-33% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Frequent Lifting up to 50 lbs – 34-66% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Frequent Climbing – 34-66% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Occasional Driving – 1-33% of 8-Hour Shift
  • Constant Handling/Grasping- 67-100% of 8-Hour Shift

Job Description



Established in 1932, Stepan Company is a major manufacturer of basic and intermediate chemicals including surfactants, polymers, as well as specialty ingredients that go into consumer, household, and institutional products such as laundry detergents, shampoos, and surface cleaners. Stepan Company currently has 20 global manufacturing locations and over 2,000 employees. We have a strong record of growth. Our growth allows us to provide meaningful career opportunities and stability to our team members. We have big goals at Stepan and know every team member will be crucial to achieving our objectives. Regardless of function, we are looking for team members who bring with them a growth mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to thrive in an evolving environment.


We celebrate diversity at Stepan and are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, disability, age, veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law.





Stepan is a global specialty and intermediate chemical manufacturer that has been serving a broad range of industries for 88 years. Today, Stepan is a $2 billion revenue company. Our continued success is driven by the passion and commitment of our 2,200 employees around the world.

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  1. Stable & Growing
  2. Collaborative Environment
  3. Make a Difference & Be Recognized
  4. Committed to Safety & Sustainability
  5. Value Driven Culture

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